About us

About the team

Fåhraeus Startup and Growth Fund was started in 2021 by Christer Fåhraeus and Emanuel Eriksson. It is a Venture Capital fund focusing on investing early in companies in life science and tech. The goal of the investments is to take the companies up for sale or listing on the stock exchange a few years after the investment. Christer and Emanuel, together with Linus Wiebe, manage the fund.

Investment team

Christer Fåhreus

Christer Fåhraeus

After three years of Med school at Lund University Christer started to pursue a PhD in Neurophysiology at the faculty of Medicine on a full time basis, with the focus on biological neural networks and computational neurobiology. After receiving a full scholarship to the University of California system, Christer completed a MSc in Bioengineering simultaneously with the PhD program. Christer also holds a BSc Medicine, a BSc mathematics, an honorary PhD in engineering and is a graduate of the Swedish armed forces’ language school.

Emanuel Eriksson - Färö Capital

Emanuel Eriksson

Emanuel Eriksson has extensive experience in banking and investment operations. In parallel with his work at the fund, he works as the investment manager for Fårö Capital and as CFO at EQL Pharma. Before that, Emanuel worked as a company manager at Färs & Frosta Sparbank. Emanuel has a master’s degree in Technology Management from Lund University.

Johanna Asklin

Johanna Asklin has 15+ years of experience in strategy and business development in the life sciences industry. She has worked internationally with business development, entrepreneurship and development of diagnostics and therapeutics ranging from early-stage projects to start-ups and marketed products, most recently as Director of Operations at SAGA Diagnostics. Johanna holds an MSc in Pharmaceutical Bioscience and a PhD in Medicine from Göteborg University.

Linus Wiebe


Linus Wiebe has for 10+ years been responsible for innovation, start-up and investment activities at Lund University. He has worked on several Boards as Chairman and member, and advisor. Linus previously worked in the tech and telecom industry with positions in, e.g. Ericsson and ARM. Linus has a master’s degree in Engineering Physics from Lund University.

Alexander Jöndell

Alexander Jöndell

Alexander Jöndell has experience building start-ups from a founder and an investor perspective. At Lund University, he represented LU Holding on several boards, both as chairman and member. Recently Alexander worked in Cairo as the Chief Operating Officer of the Swedish-Egyptian e-commerce company Brantu. Alexander has a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Technology Management from Lund University.

History of the fund

In recent years, Christer Fåhraeus and Emanuel Eriksson have worked together with investments in small listed companies and unlisted life science and tech companies for Fårö Capital. Fårö Capital is a Family Office fund where Christer has been CEO and Emanuel Investment Manager. During the years at Fårö Capital, they decided to raise a fund for investments in companies in the same industry with excellent growth potential.


Fåhraeus Startup & Growth has integrated sustainability risks into the investment decision process at all stages of the investment life cycle. Sustainability risks include environmental, social or governance-related events or circumstances that may have a significant adverse effect on the value of the investment. The risks are initially assessed together with other types of risks as part of the due diligence work before the investment takes place. The various factors are prioritized depending on how important they are for the business, the stakeholders and the expected effect on the investment. A conclusion that there are significant sustainability risks that will not be manageable or limited results in a decision not to invest.

Fåhraeus Startup & Growth does not consider the main negative consequences of investment decisions for sustainability factors because, given the fund’s size and investment strategy, it is not possible to carry out reliable due diligence from a cost-benefit perspective. However, the fund continues to evaluate and consider its obligations regarding the investments’ main negative consequences for sustainability factors. Decisions and publications can be reviewed once the technical standards have been adopted and when data and tools for measuring the significant negative consequences regarding unlisted life science and technology companies have been developed and become more efficient. Before making an investment decision, the long-term effects of the investment are taken into account, and the fund avoids taking short-term risks to achieve a profit.