Captario is a SaaS company that enables drug development and commercialization organizations to make better strategic decisions through an innovative cloud-based simulation software, Captario SUM® (Strategic Uncertainty Management). Working hand-in-hand with leaders in the pharmaceutical space, Captario has created one of the most scalable and accurate decision-making tools in the world. This proprietary and innovative SaaS platform strives to improve the speed and value of strategic decisions by basing them on data from holistic and dynamic end-to-end models of opportunities and portfolios. These models encompass all uncertainties, allowing for the exploitation of potential upsides and mitigation of risks.

Captario SUM® combines AI and machine learning with multi-dimensional Monte Carlo simulation, enabling unparalleled control, insight, and simulation capabilities for your project or portfolio analysis. Captario is supported by a third of the Top 30 Global Pharma organizations.

AQILION is a biotech company that focuses on developing new innovative treatments for diseases caused by chronic inflammation and dysfunctional immune reactions, such as autoimmune diseases. The company is mainly active in the early phases of drug discovery, from idea to early clinical development.

The company runs four different programs which focus on developing novel, innovative treatments for chronic inflammatory diseases for which few or no treatments are available and where there is currently a clear patient need. The program closest to the clinical phase, Regulus, is based on a selective inhibitor of janus kinase 1 (JAK1) and will first be evaluated for the treatment of eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE), an inflammatory disease of the oesophagus for which there is a great need for new treatment options. is a SaaS-company with its own custom-developed software for how user’s check-in, meaning how they register, identify, and log in to services online. Checkin.coms software combines multiple UX systems (User Experience), data sources and identity solutions to provide end-users with the best possible check-in experience.

The company’s global software solutions are used by leading brands to improve the check-in security and experience for millions of consumers from around the world. is at the forefront of offering end-to-end solutions for check-ins and is the only one offering a complete software solution for this.

Nordhealth is a Norwegian, publicly listed, and fast-growing cloud-based healthcare SaaS-company on a mission to redefine digital healthcare. The company build software that empowers veterinary and therapy professionals to provide the best possible care experiences to their patients. Nordhealths products serve more than 30,000 veterinary and therapy professionals across 7,000 clinics and hospitals located in over 25 countries. Nordhealth is the leading healthcare software provider in the Nordics.

The offered products are Electronic Health Record Software (HER), Practice Management Software (PMS), Payments och Integrations & AP.

Airsonett is a Swedish Medtech company offering an effective treatment for allergic diseases such as asthma and atopic dermatitis. Their patented TLA technology creates a 99.5% clean air zone around the patient’s breathing area during sleep, so the immune system and airways can rest and recuperate.

TLA is the only clinically proven treatment based on allergen avoidance and have been validated in several clinical trials. It is successfully implemented in the Swedish healthcare system with more than 800 current patients.

Yazen Health offers overweight people digital care, in combination with medicines, to change their lifestyle and achieve long-term sustainable weight loss. The holistic solution means that after investigation, the patient receives help from a team of dieticians, psychologists, personal trainers, and doctors in parallel with the treatment of a specific drug that reduces hunger. The service is aimed at both women and men.

Yazen Health’s head office is in Lund, and the founding team consists of two of Min Doktor’s founders; Magnus Nyhlén, doctor and entrepreneur, Otto Bretz CTO, as well as Fredrik Meurling CEO and Martin Carlsson, docent and specialist doctor in endocrinology.

Melius Pharma is a pharmaceutical company focusing on the development of new treatments for interstitial lung diseases.

Melius Pharma’s lead project for chronic cough in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis is about to enter a phase 2a clinical proof of concept study. Chronic cough is a serious symptom in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis that severely affects the quality of life in patients suffering from this disease. Median survival for patients after diagnosis is 3–5 years with current treatments.

Melius Pharma’s drug candidate is a new chemical entity benefiting from more than 20 years of safety data in man as well as efficacy data from both clinical and preclinical cough studies thus providing for a de-risk development.

Nygen Analytics offers cloud-based solutions for sustainable and cost-effective analysis of single-cell genomic data.

Nygen was founded at Lund University by Parashar Dhapola and Göran Karlsson. For several years they have worked to reduce the use of memory to analyse all variants of single-cell genomics. The result is SCARF-web, a cloud-based platform for a complete analysis of single-cell data from mobile phones, laptops, or tablets.

Moroxite F focuses on strengthening osteoporotic bone and preventing fractures, and using regenerative medicine techniques to enhance implant anchorage in osteoporotic bone.

An immediately improved anchorage is achieved by injecting a ceramic nanomaterial at the interface between the metallic screw and the adjacent fragile osteoporotic bone. This novel fixation method reduces the risk of reoperation.

SAVEGGY has developed a bio-based edible coating that extends the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables and replaces plastic packaging.

SAVEGGY addresses a significant sustainability challenge for the food market driven by regulatory changes. The trend in the industry is to avoid plastic as a packaging material, forcing many food producers to seek more sustainable alternatives. Saveggys solution meets these requirements by extending the shelf-life of fresh fruits and vegetables and reducing carbon emissions and pollution.

IntuiCell is developing a fundamentally new recursive computing architecture and associated technology platform. Launching a new era in Artificial Intelligence, and providing the first realistic approach to general intelligence, AGI.

The IntuiCell technology platform is based on key insights from extensive research into how the brain operates on sensory data and the resulting understanding of the world; research which has now been transferred into software, enabling us to begin to harness a new kind of computational power.

Brick is a network for power bank-sharing that allows users to pick up a charger in one location and return it to another. The Brick app lets you easily rent and return power banks wherever and whenever.

They have a network of stations and partners in Sweden, Germany, and Globally.

Oncorena develops a new potential breakthrough treatment for patients with advanced kidney cancer. The treatment is based on research at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, led by professors Börje Haraldsson and Jenny Nyström. The project was initially developed with support from Vinnova, Sweden’s Innovation Agency, GU Ventures at the University of Gothenburg and private business angels. Today Oncorena is mainly financed by the investment companies HealthCap, Linc AB, Fåhraeus Startup and Growth AB, as well as the biotech company AQILION AB.

The core technology of Beamonics addresses the environmental challenges faced today. The technology is used to measure, quantify, and analyze atmospheric particles and gases, helping the users identify emission sources and tune their processes with patent-protected technology.